Telecom Service

Site Survey
The work consist of the following activities:
  • Observation of Power connection
  • Transmission root selection
  • BTS selection
  • Cell selection
  • Site location selection according to GPS point
  • Complete report preparing of the site
Site Acquisition
The site acquisition services are providing site selection, site negotiation, site contract paper and singing which are initial requirements for the establishment of any telecoms infrastructure our site acquisition services will take care of all unnecessary hassles of dealing with land owner leaving our valued customers and their valuable human resources concentrating on the key.

Site acquisition works consists of following activities:
  • Identification of BTS candidate sites along with customer RF require.
  • Be associated with customer personnel for commercial negotiations & finalization
  • Preparation of the preference list of options with report for acquisition
  • Agreement with the land owner on customer guidelines for the selected site
  • Discussion with the owners to explain the requirements
  • Space ownership verification for the selected candidate site
Operation Support Smart Project offers O & M services for existing / deployed networks. O & M networks require continuous monitoring of the network through Drive tests and corrective actions to perform network improvements. Smart Project has a large team and most of the team members have worked with wireless operators in the area of.

Logistic Support
Smart Project provides the following Logistic supports
  • Transmission Rack
  • Grounding kits for 7/8 inch Feeder Cable
  • Any Accessories for Tower
  • Local made Accessories for RBS
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Door Alarm Sensor
The installation services are providing works to install all components of the telecom equipment on the Telecom sites which are required to operate the equipment according to it's designation. The installation works are covering the Indoor installation works as the Outdoor works like antenna and feeder cable installation on the telecomm towers.

Smart Project has attained significant expertise in BTS commissioning
The work involves following activities
  • Extension cabinet commissioning
  • MW Link commissioning
  • Hit commissioning with PAT
  • PDH microwave link commissioning with PAT
  • SDH Microwave link commissioning with PAT
  • TMA Installation and commissioning
  • BTS Swap and commissioning
Site survey and acquisition
  • Site & System Audits
  • Electrical works for BTS
  • Logistics Support for project rollout and R&R Items
  • EB and municipality liasioning
  • Cabin shelter Base Construction & Erection
  • RFTI survey
  • Civil,Mechanical & Electrical Projects / TSP
  • LOS site survey
  • Project Monitoring Services
  • Installation & Commissioning of telecom equipments
  • Tower foundation Construction and Erection
Operation and Maintenance Support for Passive and active NE s under AMC/CAMC COMBO model
  • Faulty Hardware Repair Management
  • Health Checks cell site
  • Development and Implementation of Preventive Maintenance Procedures
  • Software & Hardware upgrades on need based
Installation & Commissioning of BTS & MWq
  • Infra Upgradation of cell sites
  • RF Drive test for GSM/CDMA Network
  • Optic Fibre cable laying & maintenance
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